Q. What assistance is offered to guests with a disability or reduced mobility?

If you have a disability or reduced mobility which might mean that you require additional assistance in an emergency situation, you must advise us at the time of booking or as soon as the need is known. We will then send you an accessibility and medical questionnaire to complete.

Our Disability Team collate this information and ensure that each ship has a list of guests requiring extra assistance, together with their cabin numbers, before the ship sails.

In the event of an emergency and when guests are called to their Muster Stations, all guest cabins are checked and evacuated by the cabin stewards. Any guest who requires assistance getting from their cabin to the Muster Station will be given the required assistance by the ship’s specially trained guest Assistance Party.

Special evacuation chairs are available on all ships which will be utilised to transport guests down stairs if required. This assistance will be arranged / requested by the cabin stewards evacuating the cabins. In the event that a guest is away from their cabin, either on the open decks or in a public room, at the onset of an emergency, these areas are also checked and evacuated. In this event any guest requiring assistance would be taken directly to their Muster Station by the guest Assistance Party and a life jacket/s would be provided in the Muster Station. This assistance will be arranged / requested by the crew members assigned to evacuate these areas. Similarly if a guest requiring assistance presents themselves on a stairway at the onset of an emergency, this assistance will be arranged by a Stairway guide. Stairway guides are present on all stairways designated as guest evacuation routes.

Please note that in the event of an emergency, guests with restricted mobility will not be able to use the elevators (as with standard worldwide emergency procedures, elevators are not to be used in emergency situations). Please also note that in the event of an emergency, those guests using motorised wheelchairs or scooters will need to be transferred to either a regular wheelchair or evacuation chair. It is not possible for the guest Assistance Party to transport guests in motorised wheelchairs or scooters down the stairs, due to the additional weight and the subsequent risk of injury to the guest and members of the guest Assistance Party in attempting this.


Sailing from Southampton

Embarkation assistance is available to any guests on request once they arrive inside the Cruise Terminal Building. There will be a mobility assistance team wearing high visibility jackets who will escort you through embarkation either in your own mobility aid or a ships wheelchair. Please ensure you only take essential items with you as hand luggage as this will need to be managed between you and your travelling companion. We do not have a priority/fast track check in facility. However, if you arrive at the time provided on your e-tickets this will ensure you are boarded as quickly as possible. Disembarkation assistance will be arranged on board. If you have any questions please contact Reception.

To request wheelchair assistance in Southampton please request this on your accessibility and medical questionnaire. If you have not yet completed a questionnaire please contact our Customer Contact Centre, please visit our website for contact details, and a member of the team will be more than happy to send you one via email.

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